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The Parasol software provides an interface to simplify and automate a range of problems in simulation and optimization. It is a flexible, accurate, and highly productive modeling and optimization software environment. Mathematical Problems: A wide range of mathematical models are implemented and supported in Parasol. These can be as simple as a linear equation or as complex as a multi-dimensional, non-linear, and multi-objective optimization problem. The Parasol software supports models from several areas of science and engineering, including: Mathematical modeling of physics and chemistry processes Electronic circuit design and analysis Computational biology and medicine Systems analysis and control Parasol Features: * Multi-platform software that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS * Efficient, accurate and fast numerical evaluation * Easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface * Application programming interface * Python and C/C++ bindings with the ability to interface to Fortran, C, C++, PHP and other programming languages * Support for multivariable data, linear, and non-linear programming * A wide range of mathematical models are implemented and supported in Parasol * Automatic differentiation, optimization, mixed-integer linear programming and optimal control Support for additional mathematical models is available from Parasol authors and through Parasol usersEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and in vitro percutaneous absorption of retinoids. The relationship between in vitro percutaneous absorption of retinoids and the levels of retinol-retinoic acid binding protein (RBP), retinol, retinoic acid, retinyl esters, retinyl palmitate and carrier proteins was determined in different preparations of human and rat epidermis. Polyclonal antibodies to retinol-RBP, retinoic acid-RBP and retinyl esters were obtained by immunization of rabbits with these complexes. The antibodies obtained were used for the development of quantitative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The utility of ELISA for the determination of retinoids in different skin extracts was also studied. The polyclonal antibodies were found to bind to the same retinoids as the chemically synthesized antibodies reported earlier by us. The correlation between absorption and the levels of retinol-RBP was determined in the following skin preparations: epidermis, stratum corneum, sebaceous, eccrine and apocrine glands and a5204a7ec7

Designed from the ground up to be compact, robust, and easy to use. It has a regular syntax based on a much smaller, simpler DSL which makes solving problems easy. This popular structured text editor has gone through many a revision in its 12 years of existence, but the core idea of being able to manipulate structured text with regular, intuitive commands has stayed intact. Nowadays, it has evolved to include many features beyond simple text editing. It's still an editor, but a full-fledged solution, offering a command-line mode, JSON import/export, and a host of modules to build your own extensions. is a structured text editor for OS X. Since version 1.5, TextMate has supported the JSON standard and provides a way to export and import data between its various applications using the JSON format. This project has received a lot of attention since it's initial release and has expanded into new applications. Initially, it was solely a text editor for AppleScripts but has evolved into a full-featured solution for developing structured documents. A scripting language called TextMateScript was introduced to allow you to generate or manipulate documents in TextMate. Now that TextMate 1.7 has been released, TextMateScript has evolved beyond the TextMateEditor script and is now an embedded language which extends the text editor's text editing commands. TextMate runs text editing and language editing directly from the Finder, without launching a separate text editor window. Editing documents in the Finder is facilitated by TextMate's ability to include and utilize components of the Finder in a text editor window. TextMate features drag-and-drop, embedded Git and Subversion repositories, Applescript coding support, quick-open previews, context-sensitive comments, and more. HTMLKit is a cross-platform framework for building web applications using the HTML5 core, JavaScript, and CSS3 technologies. The framework provides an API for creating rich web-based applications using a declarative approach, thereby promoting code reuse and portability. HTMLKit is written in JavaScript, and can be used to target any browser that supports the HTML5 standard and JavaScript. A visual editor is provided which can be configured to render nearly all HTML5 markup. It is extensible and open source. Aurelia is a runtime and platform designed to bring all the benefits of today’s web programming frameworks—the ability to express logic

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